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When my partner requested me to complete the list of goals, the main objective is to train my persistence to do something. So here is a question: What is the relationship between procrastination and persistence?

Procrastination means that you always postpone things that you need to do / deadlines that…

What is the motivation barrier?

In short, it means it’s hard for you to gain enough momentum to start something. Procrastination is one of the symptoms.

If the metric for procrastination is 1–10 (1 is the least, 10 is the most), then I am in between 8 to 9.


Help you stay focus on your work

Last time, we talked about losing interest in a job is one of the reasons that you would want to leave.

So how can you keep interest at work. There are a few ways to achieve it.

First, ask for some new responsibilities…

Why do you want stay in a company?

This is an interesting topic for me.

I am always wondering why someone can stay in the same company for 20 years?

Until now, I have worked in 3 different companies but to a certain extent, I cannot foresee myself working in these companies for 10 or even 20 years.

Let’s continue with the three traits.

(5)Have a clear strategic vision and lead you fulfill the goals

As a good boss, he should have the big picture in mind and deliver the strategic vision to his team. This drives the team towards the same direction. …

Finding a good boss is essential to your career and it makes your life easier. Here are seven traits that a good boss should possess.

(1) Trust

A good boss should trust your ability when they assign you a task. I am not saying that they should trust you 100%…

What does GME tell us?

GME has dropped more than 80 percent from its peak of $483. After a week of Gamestop fever, it seems the drop of the stock marked the end of this incident.

In the last article, it was stated that the whole incident is considered as…

The unstoppable wave of decentralisation

A few of my friends joined the crusade against traditional hedge funds. At the time when I am writing this, I am not sure if they have sold the stocks or not.

As you may know that the whole incident was started by the reddit…

To sell or not to sell — Part 2

With the viscous cycle stated in the last article, I decided to review what’s wrong with my approach.

I realised that having a good mentality and setting a baseline for your profit margin are important.

So how can you have a…

To sell or not to sell — Part 1

Recently, I started a “reselling” business for a luxury brand. The operation flow is to purchase the handbags on their official website and then resell them. …


An amateur (for most of the things) :)

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